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Emotional Eating...

Are you ready to let go of the guilt ?
It's easy when you know how.

No dieting, exercise, pills or supplements...
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Emotional Eating

There are so many emotions that can bring us down:

Are you feeling embarrassed, ashamed, not good enough, lonely, worthless, overwhelmed, exhausted, angry, frustrated, alienated, jealous or experiencing grief or guilt...
All of these feelings raise our stress levels, triggering a wave of stress hormones that demand immediate action  in the form of  sweet or fatty foods. 

* If you struggle with rollercoaster dieting,
* Feel disappointed in yourself,
* Experience cravings and mood swings or 
* Feel guilty about what you eat but just cant find the stop button 

There is a simple solution.
Australia is leading the world in clinical trials that show how a gentle acupressure technique can help you regain control of your emotions and make peace with food.